ICON – The predictive hospital

The ICON project addresses the questions: Can healthcare data, together with data from other data domains, help optimize processes, predict future disruptions, and simulate the impact of change? If so, this could be another powerful contribution to support healthcare systems facing the same challenges worldwide.

The challenge

Fraunhofer ISST and Aarhus University Hospital are collaborating in an applied research project to optimize hospital processes using the computing power of artificial intelligence and to increase patient safety. The processes in modern operating rooms and emergency rooms are complex, and a variety of systems and data streams are required to ensure a smooth process. Bringing together previously collected data from the healthcare sector, logistics and the hospital management system and making it usable is the key challenge in this project.

Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISST is developing a Digital Twin for operating rooms to estimate the efficiency and effectiveness of parameter changes. Corresponding process improvements should relieve specialists and expose patients to shorter waiting times. In addition, performance measures will become transparent and bottlenecks in the process can be uncovered and eliminated.



  • Aarhus University Hospital


  • Duration: 09/2022-06/2024