Diagnosis Data Management at Thales

Industrial data storage and use is becoming more and more important in increasingly digitizing processes. For example, a company-specific approach to centralized and decentralized data management must be found and operational responsibilities must be clearly defined. A functioning data management system is of strategic importance for business processes such as customer service.       

The challenge 

The design of a holistic data management is a challenge for the entire company. In many cases it is not clear which data is actually available in the company, how valid the data stock is and which persons/departments are responsible for this data. The consequences are redundant data entry, high efforts to find or manage data.


Our contribution

Starting from the big-picture of a data strategy, which defines the essential maxims for action, how data is identified and managed in an entrepreneurial way, the responsibilities of data-related roles as well as the responsibilities of existing company roles have to be defined. A data governance model takes into account whether a physical or virtual data governance organization is necessary. Within the framework of the project, the Fraunhofer ISST is developing a concept for data governance in the commissioning group in cooperation with Thales in workshops and in additional work.



On the qualitative level, the model enables the company to achieve increased company-wide information transparency. The clearly defined responsibilities ensure that data-related activities are coordinated more uniformly and reduce the workload to the necessary core activities of the employees.



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