Transparency and efficiency in production and logistics

The easy way to record and verify your processes in real time

Capture, control and plan your processes in real time

Digital transformation has already given rise to systems and ad-hoc solutions for monitoring and controlling production and logistics processes in many companies. But do you also lack a unified view of your data that allows you to identify interrelationships between different processes? Would you like to make transparent decisions that also take into account interactions between affected processes? Unleash the full potential of digitalization in your company and scale the benefits of your data! With RIOTANA® you get a digital twin that integrates any data sources such as information systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) up to sensors in one data model and calculates your key figures predictively with the help of simulation.

The challenge

Which completion dates are realistic and which possible bottlenecks arise when a certain production program is loaded? What performance does picking achieve when I select a specific staffing schedule? These and many other similar questions have to be answered daily in most industrial and commercial enterprises. In most cases, data from different systems is needed and must be included in a calculation - preferably automatically and in real time in order to be able to react to disruptions and other unforeseen changes. The typical way via a spreadsheet program is time-consuming, slow and error-prone.


Your advantages

RIOTANA® comes with the data model for a digital twin that allows you to merge and display the data of your processes in an integrated way. The integrated simulator calculates the future system behavior with its key figures, so that the effects of planning and control decisions become visible at an early stage. Scenario comparisons help you select the most sensible decision. The most important advantages of RIOTANA® at a glance:

  • Transparency about your processes by integrating any data source into a digital twin
  • Prospective evaluation of system behavior and decision options through discrete-event simulation
  • Self-learning process parameters for autonomous parameter changes
  • Integration into your IT system landscape
  • Easy integration and support of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel®

What we offer

  • Potential analysis for a digital twin, roadmap development and selection of a pilot use case
  • Concept development for integration into your IT landscape
  • Demonstration of the benefits and feasibility with a selected static data set
  • Connection to necessary IT systems in your company
  • Commissioning and training of employees
  • Development of company-specific functions

Development of company-specific functions Contact us and let us discuss your problem together without obligation!