Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC) in the healthcare sector

The Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC) are a key technology for data spaces and data ecosystems. As they enable organizations to collaborate interoperably on data, they are also suitable for use in the healthcare sector. With the help of this collection of components, companies or individuals can participate in existing data space or create their own ecosystem. Our services include consulting, customization for specific purposes, expansion and new development within the EDC.

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The challenge

The cross-organizational use of data holds great potential. The concept of data spaces and data ecosystems is emerging and the concepts and technologies used are developing at a rapid pace. Topics such as infrastructure, interoperability, trust and governance are at the heart of the challenges. These are major challenges, especially for companies outside the technology sector, as technical expertise is not necessarily available within the company. Nevertheless, data rooms offer advantages for all domains in which data is created that is to be used for value creation.

Your advantages

The following questions often arise for companies:

  • "How do I get off to the perfect start?"
  • "What do I need to participate?"
  • "Which use cases can I realize with data space?"

Fraunhofer ISST is one of the leading institutes involved in the design and implementation of data space and data ecosystems. Examples of emerging systems include the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) 2.0. Within the "Healthcare" department, we transfer our knowledge to research and industry in the healthcare application domain in order to realize joint data value creation.

What we offer

  • Onboarding data space, data ecosystems, architectures and components. We make these topics understandable to you.
  • Advice on planning, designing and implementing your steps into the world of data-driven value creation.
  • Explanations of the structure and functions of the EDC and how health data space can be created.
  • Customization of the EDC to your individual needs.
  • Customized extensions of the EDC for your existing infrastructure.
  • Our services provide you with data-sovereign software solutions.
  • You decide when you need our support in terms of content.
  • Transformation of your processes to TI 2.0.
  • Transferring your existing services to federated systems to make them EHDS-ready.
  • Support in the development of new digital business models based on EHDS-compliant architecture.
  • You save yourself the intensive examination of the extensive concepts and technologies.