Open-Source-Java-Framework "NUKLEUS"

NUKLEUS is a framework for modeling domain models in Java. The central aspect of Nucleus is the separation between the textual representation and the validation of data. Nucleus does not follow an object-oriented approach, but instead establishes a taxonomy of data types based on subset relations. Data type values are validated using executable bytecode, which is generated from parameterizable patterns. In addition to these validation rules, access to data can be controlled via usage control policies.

The challenge

The simple definition of domain models for data exchange is a recurring challenge in software development. Approaches such as "Domain Driven Design" (DDD) focus on the modeling of "bounded context". The aim of the project is to offer a lightweight solution for this that can be easily used in your own projects. The seamless integration of usage rules in domain models (and programming languages) is an important support for testing, acceptance and certification of software projects.


Your advantages

NUKLEUS is an open source software with Apache license v2.0 and can be used and extended in software projects without ongoing licensing costs. The templates for usage rules and validation checks can be extended and adapted to your own requirements. The development of data apps with integrated usage control for the International Data Spaces (IDS) or GAIA-X is simplified by the IDS policy patterns that have already been implemented.


What we offer

We implement your applications or IDS Data apps with the NUKLEUS framework. Feature requests from industry projects are prioritized for the further development of the open source version. You can also commission the development of software with the Nucleus framework according to your requirements. We also offer the implementation of Nucleus modules that are not to become part of the open source release.



  • Data app programming language D° (Degree) of the International Data Spaces (IDS)


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