Intelligent Connector Recommendation for the Mobility Data Space

In the “MDSxNRW” project, we are developing and testing an intelligent recommendation engine that recommends a suitable connector for organizations to participate in the Mobility Data Space (MDS). This recommendation is based on company-specific information that is requested in a questionnaire. Based on the user information, detailed instructions for connecting to the MDS are then provided and options for automated connection to the MDS are recommended

The challenge

As a “data space for the mobility of tomorrow”, the Mobility Data Space needs many and diverse participants. This is the only way to provide an attractive range of data and secure the demand for data. Connecting new participants who contribute data to the MDS or use available data for their own value creation is therefore a recurring task. However, this process requires time, financial resources and specific IT know-how. This is where the MDSxNRW project comes in and enables potential MDS participants to take part in sovereign data exchange via the MDS through connectors.


Our service

In this project, Fraunhofer ISST is researching how potential data space participants can be connected to a data space as easily and automatically as possible. In close cooperation with our project partners, we are investigating which technological and organizational requirements of potential data space participants influence the choice of a suitable connector. The innovation lies in the content design of the portal, the possibility of automated provision of a connector and, above all, in the configuration options based on individual economic and technical parameters.


The result

The development of the portal is being driven forward in close cooperation with the Mobility Data Space (MDS) and open data portals from NRW. In the future, the MDSxNRW portal will continue to operate beyond the planned project duration and thus serve as a central point of contact for organizations to participate in the MDS. The experience gained with a connector recommendation using a recommendation engine can also be used as a blueprint for other domains and other data spaces.


The partner

  • Mobility Data Space


The funding  

  • Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Ministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen)
  • Term: 08/2022-08/2025