pomodoX: Intelligent documentation for companies


pomodoX (polymorphous documentation of X) is a technology solution for the decentralized individualization of all kinds of documentation. Yet it combines the advantages of central delivery (for example of general standards or minimum requirements), and therefore central coordination and control, with the required flexibility in companies.

The challenge

Recording and sharing structured manuals and documentation represents a growing challenge for companies, and is gaining even more importance due to the increasing demand for certifications. Companies are looking for new ways of delivering specific documentation and communicating with employees and customers. In particular, companies face the challenge of keeping prepared manuals and documentation up to date as well as storing customized individual documents for branches and departments in a form that is suitable for administration. This is where the software used by companies in the past encounters its limits: Distributing copies of centrally prepared documents is no longer workable, because the one size fits all approach does not meet the flexibility needs of companies anymore.


Your advantages   

  • pomodoX supports the central specification and updating of text modules that can be adapted to the individual needs of sites, organization units, and contexts, down to individual employees. Changes to centrally proposed texts are shown in all derived documents and can be easily adopted.
  • More and more documentation is needed to meet the requirements of various standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 31000 and ITIL V3. pomodoX is suitable for representing all kinds of documentation and can be individualized for certain documentation types.
  • Responsive design allows the documentation to be presented anywhere.

What we offer

  • We adapt the pomodoX application to your needs.
  • You run pomodoX on your company server.
  • Design and format preferences such as the visual representation of various paragraph types, target groups, document versions, or security levels are easy to change yourself.
  • Our employees are available for technical questions and other requests.